All You Need To Know About Wooden Conservatories

Wooden conservatories are a very popular form of building for both domestic and commercial properties. This is because they add an extra level of comfort to your property without the need for the cost and hassle that accompany building with traditional materials. Wooden conservatories are built to last, and depending on the type of wood you use, they can be extremely durable. Here we will look at what types of wooden conservatories there are available, and how they can fit into most any garden.


Wooden conservatories are traditionally designed to be larger than their metal or steel counterparts. Metal and steel conservatories are built to be smaller, and are therefore more suited to homes on small areas. A wooden conservatory however, can be built to fit onto almost any area, even ones that don’t feature a lot of space. You can choose conservatories to suit your needs no matter how large or how small they might be. If you’re looking for something slightly more contemporary, then contemporary conservatories may be the way to go wooden conservatories.


Wooden conservatories can also come in a variety of shapes. These can vary from oval and rectangular to circular and semi-circular. Depending on the type of wood used, you can choose from different woods such as oak, cedar and pine. The latter two are particularly popular as they are known for being highly sustainable, as well as being able to withstand quite a lot of damage.


Wooden conservatories can also come in the form of bi-fold or quadrant conservatories, which means that they can either be opened up like a door, or divided into multiple panels so that you can lock them in an unfolding and locking mechanism. Bi-fold conservatories are much more common and tend to be made from a combination of materials such as glass, aluminium and wood, whilst quadrant conservatories tend to be made from just aluminium and metal. It’s important to make sure that you consider which type of conservatory would best suit your needs, as not all are designed equally.


Most wooden conservatories will be either fully insulated or fitted with insulation panels, both of which will help to keep the warm or cool air in during winter. Wood is a good insulator because it has small gaps at the right places, allowing cooling air to pass through. Metal can be an efficient insulator, but due to its weight, it won’t insulate as well as wooden conservatories.


Most wooden conservatories will have sliding windows, although there are some aluminium conservatories that don’t have any windows. However, windows can add class to a room, and if you opt for a conservatory with large, sliding windows, you’ll need to make sure that you have adequate lighting for it. Many people choose not to cover the windows of their conservatory with curtains, as they view them as an eyesore and detract from the beauty of the room. However, many conservatories can be screened in, which gives you even more privacy and makes your conservatory look more like a room in a house than an office. There are several different styles of conservatory available, so before you go shopping, have a look around and see what styles would suit you.

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